Friday, December 10, 2010

Changes in my Life...

     Seasons change and so people do. It is either we become better or we stay immature.

     For the past few years, life for me was painful. It was too hard for me to accept all the troubles life slapped me. I was still so much younger then, and very childish. I am the only "rose" among the thorns and I admit I was a Daddy's and Mommy's girl. But I just woke up one day, all the happiness in life seemed to get blur right into my bare eyes. It was like I woke up in a place full of heartaches and pains.

     Just a couple of years ago, our parents separated and my father just walked out of our lives like he has no children at all. And I hated him for that. I started having boyfriends and learned to drink alcohol. I started to have the nerve to argue with my mother and brothers. I started to tell lies to them and cut classes without them even knowing. It was like I wanted to be miserable and I was blaming my family for it.

     But my eyes were opened and I realized I am not unfortunate like what I think I am. I realized I still have a family and they are more than enough. I realized that everything happens for a reason and whatever it is; it just made me a stronger person now. And now, whenever life gives me pitfalls, I just pray and am mature enough to face it.

     As i grow older, I realized that we can only be a child once, but we can be immature forever. As what Gretchen Barreto said, "No matter what happens, a real woman moves on from all teh heartaches and pains."

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